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The night of Halloween 1994, Harry Potter went flying after fighting with Ron, wanting to clear his head, and is turned into a vampire. This sets him on a new path, with new friendships and love. I hyperfixated on vampire fics and it spiralled into this fic. Smut starts in chapter 5.
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Fantasy Romance Hogwarts Magic Adventure Hagrid Little Sister The Golden Trio. Rosalie Alice Potter is Harry's little sister. She was only two months old when her parents died and her life changed forever. She thought she was going to have to live a boring life with the Dursleys until she was old enough to leave.

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  • "I wish I had four siblings" Harry said sadly "There are actually 7 of us, well 8 if you count Charlotte, but we don't talk about her." Ron corrects. "Why? What happened?" Harry asks as he eats another chocolate frog. "I really don't know. All I know is that she was Charlie's twin, her ... My Older Over-Protective Brother (Harry Potter story)
  • Harry smiled. "To the end." Zander finished. Harry, Zander, and Lexie are triplets. Growing up was never easy for them. Without parents, they never knew what it felt like to be happy. Then, their lives changed overnight,...
  • Harry Does Different ZzzzZh Overprotective Older Brothers Cliché 2A "You lot want to explain what the bloody hell just happened?" demanded Ginny. Mrs. Weasley immediately scolded "Language, Ginevra." "Come off it, Mother ...
  • Ashley lives with her big overprotective brothers. That is until one day they are not with her but are with her next day. Although Ashley doesn't know that her brothers are with her, in different forms. creatures are after her and it's up to the most fearless and strongest pack to protect he... Haunted by the past October 24, 2016 HiddenLove2004